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Now that Fall is here, honey is harvested and most of us are buttoning up our colonies for the winter, what is a beekeeper to do with all that new-found time? There is lots you can do: Get caught up on all your reading by gather up your scattered b…

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Some of you may remember this past spring, I joined Bee Informed Partnership’s 2022 Sentinel Apiary Program. As part of this program, I sent in monthly samples from four of my beeyard colonies from May through October. I also collected pollen …

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Feb. 28, 2022

Woodenware Revisited

One of the articles I wrote long ago for Bee Culture was about woodenware (Bee Culture, "Wooden World," February 1992, pp 80-87). You know, the frames - both deep and medium, hive bodies, honey supers, inner covers and telescoping covers. I didn&rsq…

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Feb. 11, 2022

Late Winter Deadouts

It is that time of year in many parts of the country where the bees will start to get out on the sunny days, make a quick flight and get back into the cluster before they get too cold. As the Winter wanes, you may see some colonies have this activit…

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