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I love these guys! 🌞🌻🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

This is my favorite beekeeping podcast. I look forward to it SO much. πŸŒžπŸŒ»πŸπŸ’›πŸ‘

Girl power

Why not have Kathy (Kim's wife) set in on a few shows and add her 2 cents?

Beekeeping Today Podcast is essential for beekeepers!

I have learned so much from Beekeeping Today Podcast and it's sister podcast Honey Bee Obscura! I listen on Google Podcasts whenever I can. Great while fixing dinner, walking the dog, or on a long drive. I have 4 hives in Virginia.

Great podcast

I love everything about it. Great guests , love the topics.

Book reviews

I have always greatly enjoyed this podcast, and now it’s even more special with the addition of book reviews. Thank you for all you do and have done for the beekeeping community.

My Favorite Podcast

I have always been a fan of honeybees, which is why I started listening to this podcast. As a result of listening to this podcast, I have become a fan of bee keeping so much so that I am currently building my first bee hive and plan on joining the bee keeping crowd. If you want to learn more about honeybees and all pollinators this is a very informative and INTERESTING show!! -Amanda Galveston, TX

Holiday special

Throughly enjoyed the year end special. All the best to the four of you! Merry Christmas and Happy Bee Year! Ron Ashland, VA

Always interesting

I am always interested in what Jeff and Kim have to say. Valuable information from a very knowledgeable source! Always appropriate for the season.

Very informative

Very informative with very interesting hosts and guests

Love it

Very informative on what’s going on in the bee world.

So interesting!

I always learn something from those that you interview, even if it is an area that I’m not all that interested in! I always come away with something, and a lot of times I come away with something that I want to change or try in my beekeeping! Thank you for your diversity and down to earth perspectives!

Your almond economics pollination podcast

The podcast about almond pollination was absolutely awesome it was nice to hear about pollination from an economics standpoint. It was refreshing to hear about the fact that the growers need to look at the risk factors for the beekeeper and how it can affect him the grower. I truly enjoyed the podcast. Thanks Jeff and Kim.

Great resource

I’m new to beekeeping and have learned a great deal by listening to this podcast. So far my favorite episodes have been those that feature scientists. I still think Dr. Ramsey was one of the best episodes. A big thank you to everyone who works on this podcast.

Informative and educational

There are different speakers and guests who join the show and share their insights on various topics to provide a broad view on beekeeping and pollination.

Episode 29 was fabulous!

What a delight to hear the roundtable of different regional beekeepers! This may be my fave episode so far and I listen to every one. I particularly enjoyed hearing from fellow North Carolinian Mark Smith even tho our climates are so different (I’m at 3000’ in the NC mountains). His close observations of the impact of the unusual winter/spring we had were very insightful. Some time soon I hope you will check in with an Appalachian beekeeper (Jason Bragg of New River Bees in WV comes to mind) since it’s another unique region. Thank you both! Leigh, from the Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm Podcast

Diverse topics

I look forward to each new episode. I enjoy the diversity in the beekeeping community. Keep up the good work

Great podcast

Great guests/interviews. Very knowledgeable hosts.

Keep it coming!

Jeff and Kim are very knowledgeable hosts and they really do a nice job of talking to a variety of guests and covering topics that are interesting and relevant.

Great Beekeeping Podcast

Kim and Jeff do a wonderful job of finding and speaking with a wide spectrum of folks involved with bees and beekeeping. From scientists to commercial to backyard beekeepers to the folks making the equipment and tools beekeepers use. The down home 'beekeepers talking to beekeepers' format is very casual and relaxed. I also love the updates from previous guests from time to time. As a matter of full disclosure, I was honored to be a guest on Beekeeping Today with The Pollinators documentary film. We had a great time talking bees and continue to stay in touch. As a longtime beekeeper myself, I continue to look forward to listening and learning from their show.

Great Stuff for Beekeepers

I love this podcast. I have been keeping honey bees for three years now, and I learn a lot whenever I tune in. I would recommend this podcast to any beekeeper. I don't have any problems with the audio, even the interviews in crowded conferences. Now that Kim has retired, perhaps we can have a new podcast every week? Thank you for the work.

Good content, poor audio

Well, the title says it all. I love the content and I think the hosts are great, but the audio quality is just painfully poor sometimes. Work out your audio issues and I think you will get a higher ranking from me.

Beekeeping Today

This podcast is Very current and informative for all aspects of beekeeping.

Great Interviews

Easy to listen to and easy to understand podcasts for the hobbyist. I look forward to every podcast and listen while watching my bees work.

Great Information

This show is not afraid to approach any subject in beekeeping. The best way to learn about something is to get various points of view on that subject, and this show provides that. I look forward to each show to see what I can add to my beekeeping.

Treatment Free Episode

Yeah...we need to help educate the β€œtreatment free” folks and stop turning out backs on them, but they need to be open to learning something too !

Great podcast

Just like anything else that comes from Bee Culture Magazine this is awesome!!!