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Dr. Geoffrey Williams

Assistant Professor

Greetings! I grew up in Western Canada, did my scientific training in Eastern Canada, and have worked with honey bees throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

I am now at Auburn University in the Southeast, in the University's Bee Lab seeking to better understand and promote the health of wild and managed insect pollinators. To achieve these massive goals, the AU-BEES lab is working on various topics – from studying the effects of neonicotinoids on queens, to working on the latest Integrated Pest Management tool against varroa, to performing the Bee Informed Partnership’s National Colony Loss and Management Survey, to investigating bee attractiveness to native wildflowers.

Apart from assisting my students with their studies, one aspect of my work that I really enjoy is discussing with beekeepers – the reasons why you love beekeeping and why you keep bees, and what frustrates you the most about the industry. Despite geographic and cultural differences, bees bring many different people together – I love this!

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