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Julia Mahood

Master Craftsman Beekeeper

Julia Mahood is a Georgia Master Craftsman Beekeeper who has been keeping bees since 2004. She created the citizen science website to gather data on drone congregation areas. Julia was awarded the Georgia Beekeeper of the year in 2018. A graphic artist, she designed the Georgia “Save the honey bee” license plate. She is passionate about education and teaches beekeeping in Georgia prisons and is active in her local and state bee organizations.

April 3, 2023

Drones and Mapping Drone Congregation Areas with Julia Mahood (S5, E4…

Today, we talk with Julia Mahood, a Master Beekeeper in Georgia. Julia is fascinated with drone honey bees and especially Drone Congregation Areas. To find out more about DCA’s, she is on a quest to find as many as she …

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