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Tina Sebestyen

Colorado Master Beekeeper, Author

Tina started keeping bees in 2007 with her father. She found an “old guy” a commercial beekeeper who agreed to take her to his apiary as an introduction to bees, and who subsequently mentored her. A few years later, as she began to understand how much there is to learn about beekeeping, and realized that old guy mentors were few and far between, she started what is now the Four Corners Beekeepers Association, so that beekeepers could share their experience and knowledge with one another. Through this, as she began mentoring others, her experience grew quickly, and she also gained new mentors of her own. Her passion is beekeeping, and sharing the knowledge and experience gained through trial and error with other beekeepers.

She writes for the American Bee Journal, Bee Culture magazine, and has written for a couple of overseas magazines. She teaches classes and speaks frequently on all kinds of topics, and is working on a book about horizontal beekeeping. Producing and coordinating the Colorado State Beekeepers Assoc. Master Beekeeper program is occupying most of the time she isn’t out in the beeyard raising queens and caring for her bees.

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Hive Types - Part 3: Long Hives with Tina Sebestyen (S3, E50)

May 10, 2021

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