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July 27, 2020

Madeleine Ostwald with Kirsten Traynor (S3, E9)

Madeleine Ostwald with Kirsten Traynor  (S3, E9)

How Bee Perfect Their Homes

MaddieThis week, guest co-host Kirsten Traynor joins us with Madeleine Ostwald. Madeleine studies bees, having worked with both honey bees and carpenter bees. When days get hot, we seek out ways to cool off with water. Beekeepers (and sometimes their neighbors) know that honey bees do the same.  As an undergraduate student in Tom Seeley’s lab, Madeleine turned up the heat on a honey bee hive to find out just how they do this. Madeleine observed some bees adapt to heat stress by acting like water storage containers, always ready to chill things down when days get hot.

Madeleine now investigates desert carpenter bees in Arizona. Wood is a precious resource in these barren lands, so carpenter bees end up sharing a home. To learn how these large bees shape, modify, and change their nest structures over time, she enlisted the help of a local hospital and their CT-scanner.

Also in today’s episode, Kim reviews the new book by Jay Evans, USDA Bee Research Leader at Beltsville, and regular columnist for Bee Culture magazine. Lots to learn, lots to hear. Hit the play button now!

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