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2022 Almond Season with John Miller (S4, E36)

In today episode, we welcome back Friend of the Podcast, commercial beekeeper, and longtime industry advocate, John Miller, to share with you his perspective of the 2022 almond pollination season. We caught up with John while he sat in the cab of his pickup at a stop in Central California. On John’s last visit to the podcast, he talked with us about his plans for indoor wintering. Today, we asked just how that went.

His take? Indoor wintering works with more healthy bees the result and it’s going to change what happens every spring in California’s almond orchards.

Indoor wintering now allows for the inspection of colonies before leaving they leave the indoor facility in January. That is an equally big change in shipping bees to California. The result? More colonies are healthy in January and the California border inspection stations aren’t overwhelmed with thousands of trucks backed up loaded with bees heading to the almond orchards each January.

The almond bloom is about a week early this year up north and hive theft is still happening. Locked gates help a lot but don’t stop it completely.

There is a change underway in the industry as more commercial beekeepers are focusing on raising bees for pollination and later packages than in producing honey. Like a big game of ‘whack-a-mole’, tariffs and trade sanctions just push the problem of cheap honey imports to pop up from new countries. (Locally produced and sold honey is still valuable!)

Listen in as John shares his observations of the largest movement of honey bees in the world from the cab of a pickup truck with today’s guest.

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