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Bee Smart Designs with Cliff Struhl (S4, E23)

In this episode, we invite Cliff Struhl on the show to talk about his company, Bee Smart Designs. Cliff actually got his start in manufacturing beekeeping equipment because his wife didn’t want cinder blocks and 2x4’s as hive stands in her very well-designed gardens around their home. Cliff, whose business is manufacturing plastic, blow molded sidewalk sign holders, figured out a way to make an appealing hive stand using the existing technology of making his sign stands. And he was off!

After his hive stand, Cliff designed a feeder that now solves many problems of the typical Boardman and Miller feeders. It’s very close to the bees, they can’t get up into it, it has no drip and is easy to fill.

Going to the bottom board was next, with a stainless screen that won’t rust, and built-in mouse guard, robbing screen and entrance reducers that makes it an all-in-one bottom.

His insulated inner cover has a foam layer on top for warmth, has an opening for a top entrance if needed, or closed so no ventilation for warmth. Moisture is condensed on walls for the bees, but the top stays warm….much like a tree.

Coming soon is a magnetic hive tool holder belt, to keep you from losing your tool somewhere in a bee yard. And for everybody, Pry Point, to make separating sticky boxes much easier.

All of these are available from nearly every bee supply dealer (including our sponsor – BetterBee) and you can locate one near you by going to BeeSmart Designs web page.

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