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Nov. 21, 2022

Chinese Tallow Update with Steven Coy (S5, E23)

Chinese Tallow Update with Steven Coy (S5, E23)

Today, we’ve invited Steven Coy back to the how to provide an update on the Chinese Tallow tree and efforts to eliminate them.  Chinese Tallow was brought to the USA in the 1700’s as an ornamental. They have very successfully invaded much of...

Steven CoyToday, we’ve invited Steven Coy back to the how to provide an update on the Chinese Tallow tree and efforts to eliminate them.  Chinese Tallow was brought to the USA in the 1700’s as an ornamental. They have very successfully invaded much of the Southeast US, and are moving north and west at a slow but steady rate. USDA-APHIS has declared them invasive and have introduced two insects that feast on Tallow trees to slow, and eventually stop that spread.

However, Tallow trees are a valuable source of honey in the spring for US beekeepers, who manage their bees to take advantage of the honey flow to build their colonies to full strength so they can super pollinate a great deal of the crops we eat. No tallow, far, far less pollination.

The American Honey Producers and the National Honey Board have combined to produce a survey to measure the full extent and value of these trees to US beekeepers and to those of us who like to eat Tallow Honey. The intent is to reduce, or better, stop the insects from destroying Tallow trees, maintain the spring honey flow and keep food on the tables of all of us.

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Steven Coy Profile Photo

Steven Coy

Queen Breeder/ Beekeeper/ Author

Steven Coy is a second-generation commercial beekeeper where he learned how to manage bees in the soybean and cotton fields of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. In 2007 he moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to help his family manage a 12,000 hives multi state honey production operation. In 2014 he started Coy Bee Company, LLC so that he could focus on producing Russian queens and nucs.

He is a charter member of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association and has been breeding Russian bees since 2001. He co-authored the book Russian Honey Bees with Dr. Thomas Rinderer.

He is the past President of the Mississippi Beekeepers Association and currently serves as the Vice-president of the American Honey Producers Association and has served on the Executive Board since 2010.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science and a Master’s Degree in Biology from Arkansas State University. In addition to his work as a beekeeper, he worked as a Research Assistant at Arkansas State University then as a Research Technician at the USDA Biological Control Research Unit in Stoneville, MS.