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Peter Nelson, Director & Beekeeper: The Pollinators Movie - (022)

March 7, 2019

Peter Nelson is a filmmaker, director and beekeeper. This combination of skills and passions lead to a documentary film about the business and lives of pollinators - both the two legged and six legged kind!  The documentary,…

Guest: Peter Nelson
Marketing & Sales

True Source Honey with Eric Wenger - (021)

Feb. 24, 2019

Eric Wenger is the Chairman of True Source Honey, LLC - an organization created through the efforts of multiple honey companies and honey industry participants who collectively working to provide a way consumers and customer…

Pesticides & Poisons

Dr. Reed Johnson: Insecticide Use and Toxicity in Almond Orchards - (020)

Feb. 14, 2019

In this episode, Jeff and Kim talk with Dr. Reed Johnson. Reed got his start in research beekeeping while looking for a summer job in his hometown,  Missoula, Montana. He knocked on the door of Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk at the U…

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Dr. Tom D. Seeley: Honey Bees In The Wild - (019)

Feb. 4, 2019

Dr. Tom D. Seeley is a in Biology at Cornell University where he teaches courses on animal behavior, specializing in understanding the social life of honey bees. His scientific research focuses on the phenomenon of swarm in…


Report from the American Honey Producers Assn. Annual Meeting - (018)

Jan. 11, 2019

Welcome to our first podcast of 2019! Well, to kickoff the year, Kim is enjoying the sights and sounds of the AHPA annual meeting and convention in Phoenix.  Late in the evening, Kim gave Jeff and call and provided this repo…

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Brad Root - Root Company, The First 50 Years - (017)

Dec. 26, 2018

The coming year, 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the . On this episode, Brad Root - the great, great grandson of Amos Ives Root, joins Jeff & Kim on the podcast to discuss the first 50 years of the AI Root Company. When…

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Honey Connoisseur, Marina Marchese - Honey Tasting and Food Pairings - (016)

Nov. 23, 2018

Marina Marchese is a beekeeper and honey sommelier. She is the founder of the American Honey Tasting Society and is a frequent speaker and author on the topic of honey tasting and pairing. In this podcast, Marina joins Jeff …

Pests And Predators Research

Dr. Samuel Ramsey: The Honey Bee Fat Body and the Varroa Mite - (015)

Nov. 6, 2018

Dr. Samuel Ramsey is a life long entomologist. His interests in all things insects started in his youth along with his parent's encouragement and his siblings displeasure! He continued his studies in college (Cornell) and ju…

Natural Beekeeping Methods & Management

Shane Gebauer - Discussion on Treatment Free Beekeeping - (014)

Oct. 31, 2018

Shane Gebauer is the President and Partner at , the catalog and online bee supply company based in Moravian Falls, NC.  Shane has been keeping bees for many years and speaks nationally on beekeeping.  You can also see Shane …

Honey Bee Biology

Dan Conlon: It's All About The Russians (Russian honey bees, that is) - (013)

Oct. 22, 2018

For as long as he can remember, Dan Conlon has enjoyed and kept honey bees. When he was 50, he threw all in and went commercial with his  in South Deerfield, MA along with his wife, Bonita. Today they sell  honey, pure beesw…

Guest: Dan Conlon

Bill Hesbach - Bee Talks and The Connecticut Queen Breeders Cooperative - (012)

Oct. 8, 2018

Bill Hesbach is a long time Connecticut beekeeper, an EAS Master Beekeeper and an University of Montana Master Beekeeper. In this episode, Jeff and Kim talk with Bill about the Connecticut Backyard Beekeepers Organization, t…

Beekeeper Profile

Dr. Warwick Kerr's Passing and His Africanized Honey Bee Legacy with Jim Tew - (011)

Sept. 21, 2018

Dr. Warwick Kerr passed on 15-Sept, leaving behind a legacy that haunted him and changed beekeeping in the America's for years to come. In this episode, the podcast visits Dr. Jim Tew in his shop in Wooster, Ohio to discuss …

Guest: Jim Tew

BTP Sponsorship Promo - 2018

Sept. 11, 2018

We've received questions regarding sponsorship of a Beekeeping Today Podcast episode. This is certainly possible! You can sponsor a single episode or multiple episodes. Listen to the sample here to hear how the introduction …

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Dewey Caron - Master Beekeeper Certification, Beekeeping in Oregon and Bolivia, Honey Bee Health Coalition (010)

Sept. 3, 2018

Dr. Dewey Caron has been working to help educate beekeepers for years starting with his work with Dr. Roger Morse (Cornell) and Eastern Apiculture Society (EAS). He helped to establish the EAS Master Beekeeper Certification …

Honey Bee Management

Jerry Hayes & Barb Bloetscher - Varroa RNAi Based Treatments Update and State of Ohio Apiarist Update (009)

Aug. 7, 2018

In this episode, Jerry Hayes and Barb Bloetscher escape the rain in Medina Ohio and join Jeff and Kim on the podcast.  Jerry (former FLA State Apiarist) provides an update on what he learned while at Monsanto regarding the c…

Guest: Jerry Hayes
Pesticides & Poisons Pests And Predators

Tom Theobald - The Problem With Neonicotinoids (008)

July 19, 2018

Tom Theobald is a long time beekeeper who lives outside Boulder, Colorado. Tom has been sounding the alarm about the problem we all face with the over use and accumulation of neonicotinoids (neonics) in the environment since…

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James Wilkes - HiveTracks and the Computerized Hive (007)

July 18, 2018

Dr. James Wilkes is a co-founder and CEO of . When he is not working at HiveTracks or teaching computer science at Appalachian State in Boone, NC, James manages over 150 colonies with his son to producing sourwood honey on t…

Guest: James Wilkes
Beekeeper Profile Education

Toni Burnham - DC Beekeeper Alliance / Urban Beekeeping (006)

July 3, 2018

We've invited regular contributor, Toni Burnham to the podcast to talk about the and urban beekeeping. Urban beekeeping is on the rise as demonstrated by the membership growth of the DC Beekeepers over the past couple of y…

Honey Bee Management

Dr. James Tew - Beekeeping Lessons Learned (005)

June 27, 2018

We invited (mostly retired) to the podcast to share with us some of his beekeeping experiences and observations. Jim brings an insightful and sometimes humorous perspective from how he got into bees... and how a bee once go…

Guest: Jim Tew
Pollination Management

Bee Broker - Joe Traynor (004)

June 22, 2018

Joe Traynor is a bee broker in the almond orchards of California. Joe smoothes the business interactions between the beekeeper/pollinator and the almond grower. He has been in the pollination business since the early '70s an…

Education Research

Xerces Society - Matthew Shepherd (003)

June 21, 2018

Matthew Shepherd is the Director of Communications and Outreach for the . Jeff and Kim invited Matthew to  Beekeeping Today Podcast to discuss the Xerces Society's various programs including Protecting Pollinators, Monarch a…

Beekeepers Pollination Management

Commercial Pollinator - John Miller (002)

June 20, 2018

John is a commercial beekeeper who splits his time between Newcastle, CA, and Gackle, ND.  We invited John to the podcast to discuss the challenges facing commercial pollinators in the almond orchards and the movement of bee…

Guest: John Miller
Education Pollination Management

Pollinator Partnership - Amber Barnes (001)

June 19, 2018

Jeff and Kim speak with Amber Barnes of Pollinator Partnership () about their many different projects, including Monarch program and pollinator habitat protection. Later in the episode, Kim discusses the health and future of…

Beekeeping Today Podcast Promo

June 11, 2018

An introduction to the Beekeeping Today Podcast, presented by Bee Culture Magazine!   Questions/Comments:   Thanks to Bee Culture, the Magazine of American Beekeeping, for their support of The Beekeeping Today Podcast. Avai…