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Dr. Brandon Hopkins

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Hopkins got his BAE and MS at Eastern Washington University. He went on to get his PhD at Washington State University in Dr Sheppards lab. That is where he found his passion for bee research. Largely fueled by the amazing people of the beekeeping community and the fascinating biology of the species.

His work was originally focused on cryopreservation and reproduction, but has branched out into various aspects of commercial colony management. Current work includes Indoor Storage, varroa management, pollination and nutrition.

Honey Bee Management Research

Winter Storage, CO2, and Varroa with Dr. Brandon Hopkins (S5, E18)

Oct. 17, 2022

Would you believe varroa mites, carbon dioxide and indoor wintering are working together to make keeping bees easier and more profitable? Well, believe it. Today, we talk with Dr. Brandon Hopkins from Washington State Univer…