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Christy Hemenway

Beekeeper, Owner

Christy Hemenway started with bees in the spring of 2007, just after Colony Collapse Disorder got its own acronym and drove the increase in public awareness and consternation about the ultimate survival of honeybees.

After learning a big word -- “lipophilic,” (meaning: tending to combine with lipids or fats, ie beeswax) and discovering that researchers had found that the world’s recycled beeswax supply was contaminated with the toxic, lipophilic chemicals used since the 1980’s to combat the ubiquitous varroa mite, Christy began to focus on the value of clean, natural beeswax combs, made BY bees, and FOR bees.

Seems like when the bees are in charge, they do things a little differently than we ask them to do when we provide them with foundation. From that premise, Gold Star Honeybees was founded, specializing in beekeeping in top bar hives, to support the natural systems used by the bees, especially the making of their own clean beeswax comb. That’s why we like to say “It’s All About the Wax!”

Christy's list of books available at Amazon:

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