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Dara Scott

Managing Director, HiveAlive

Dara holds a BSc from the National University of Ireland, Galway along with a Dip in Tech from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Dara has 24 years experience in R&D, working with medical device companies, in R&D and QC engineering roles and managing research for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution based in USA.

Dara's passion for all things honeybee related began with a trip to New Zealand over 20 years ago. He was hooked and set about getting his own hives but beekeeping on the west coast of Ireland was no easy feat! Dara was always interested in harnessing the power of nature and after realising there was nothing available on the market to help strengthen his colonies, he decided to develop something himself. Fast forward to now after years of R&D, HiveAlive is now the #1 feed supplement for honeybees worldwide.

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Seaweed, HiveAlive and Honey Bees with Dara Scott (S4, E16)

Oct. 4, 2021

Today, we talk with Dara Scott of Advanced Science out of Galway, Ireland, makers of HiveAlive. Off the west coast of Ireland grows a variety of see borne plants, commonly called sea weeds, that have evolved defenses against…

Guest: Dara Scott