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Dr David Aston


I am a retired biologist who spent his working life in the international wood preservation industry. I live in England (UK) and have kept honeybees continuously for 40 years. I am a Master Beekeeper and also hold the NDB UK National Diploma in Beekeeping.

Through my beekeeping life I have been active in the British Beekeepers Association participating in a number of areas including education, examinations and qualifications, research, technical and environmental aspects and have served as Chair of Trustees and then President. In addition I am a Trustee of the CB Dennis British Beekeepers' Research Trust and a former Chair and now a member of the Executive for the National Diploma in Beekeeping Board.

In partnership with my wife Dr Sally Bucknall we have written three books on aspects of beekeeping.

Feeding Pollen

Good Nutrition, Good Bees with David Aston (S4, E15)

Sept. 27, 2021

This week we talk with researcher and author, David Aston about his book, Good Nutrition, Good Bees. It’s exciting to see how much information on honey bee nutrition is becoming available. This is happening as both new resea…