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Dr. Stephen Buchmann

Melittologist, Professor, Author

Buchmann received his BS and MS in Biological Science from CSUF in southern CA and his Ph.D. in Entomology from UCDavis. He was a research entomologist at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Ctr. in Tucson, AZ from 1979 until 2000. He is an adjunct professor in the Entomology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Departments at the University of Arizona.

Stephen has co-authored 200 publications and ten books. His most recent books are "The Reason for Flowers" (Scribner) and "What a Bee Knows" from Island Press (DC). Buchmann's current research involves the study of buzz pollination, male mating strategies in native bees and investigations of brood cell microbiomes (beneficial bacteria and fungi) using amplicon sequencing and shotgun meta genomics.

May 8, 2023

What A Bee Knows with Stephen Buchmann (S5, E47)

Anyone who's watch the front entrance of a hive or watched honey bee gathering nectar and pollen from flowers on a tree or a field of flowers has wondered about the life of a bee. That ultimately leads to the …

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