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Jonna Sanders

Owner - AZ Hives, North America LLC

Jonna “Jay” Sanders is an Alexandria, Virginia-based beekeeper, military spouse, and Entomology Ph.D student. She also lives with a hidden disability (Scoliosis), which informed her path through the beekeeping world, and led her back to her ethnic roots in the Republic of Slovenia.

Her desire to use Slovenia’s AŽ Hive system for beekeeping led her to found her company, AZ Hives North America LLC. Jonna is actively working with Slovenia’s world-renowned experts in beekeeping, to spread Slovenia’s deep knowledge and unique heritage of beekeeping to the rest of the world.

Oct. 25, 2021

AŽ Hives with Jonna Sanders (S4, E19)

In this episode, we talk with Jonna Sanders about AŽ hives (NA Beekeepers say “AZ”. We learn today that it correctly pronounced “AH-shah”. Jonna is a lifelong AŽ Hive beekeeper and sells AŽ hives in the US. Today we talk …

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