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Mandy Shaw

Podcast host

Mandy has been enjoying beekeeping and community outreach since 2016. For her, the two go hand in hand. Her service as president of Portland Urban Beekeepers put her in a unique position to hear from and learn with beekeepers in her area. These interactions sparked a curiosity to delve deeper into how working with bees can inform and change lives.

In 2018 her self-produced podcast, Beekeeper Confidential hit the airwaves. In addition to her podcast, Mandy also creates a line of beekeeping apparel, and keeps a variety of hive styles in her backyard apiary.

May 1, 2023

Beekeeper Confidential with Mandy Shaw (S5, E46)

On today’s episode, Jeff and Kim talk with Mandy Shaw of the Beekeeper Confidential podcast. Mandy is a Portland, OR, beekeeper, active with the Portland Urban Beekeepers Association as President and other roles. We talk with her today about her...

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