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Mark Carlson

R&D Chemist

Mark graduated with the inaugural class of 2016 California Master Beekeepers. He also served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador from 2005 to 2007 and kept Africanized honey bees as part of his agriculture/forestry extension work. Mark currently works as a Senior R&D Chemist at a small, private laboratory and he is interested in honey testing, especially identification of unique nectar sources.

Mark's bee-related outreach involves mentoring new beekeepers, teaching introductory beekeeping classes, presenting at beekeeping associations, volunteering at pollinator-themed public and school events, writing blog articles and collaborating on various honey-related committees (e.g. Good Food Awards).

Since the first year of the Good Food Awards Honey Category in 2016, he has contributed as a committee chair, committee member or volunteer.

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