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Mary Duane

President of Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)

Mary has been fascinated by Honeybees since attended her first beekeeping course in 1999. She is the President of both the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association and the Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS). She maintains between 10-15 colonies of her own each year. She is coordinating the Massachusetts committee organizing the EAS 2023 conference which is in Amherst MA July 31- August 4th 2023. She has attended over 20 EAS conferences.

When not busy attending to her hives, she enjoys sharing the many health benefits of bee hive products with the public.

April 17, 2023

Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) with Mary Duane and Lou Naylor (S5,…

On today's episode, we welcome Mary Duane and Eloise (Lou) Naylor of the Eastern Apicultural Society. EAS was founded in 1955 for the "promotion of bees, education of beekeepers, certification of Master Beekeepers and excellence in bee research. EAS...

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