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Mike James

CEO - HyperHyve, Beekeeper

Mike James is the inventor and CEO/founder of Hyper Hyve, a smart beehive with patent pending integrated monitoring within an insulated beehive. Hyper Hyve is designed to help beekeepers stay more informed and assist the beekeeper with a better beehive that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence. Helping alert the beekeeper remotely of what is going on within the hive, or predicting what is about to happen based on millions of data points of information.

With the launch of the beehives in the early Summer 2021. The hives will allow beekeepers to remotely log into each hive via a cellular network practically anywhere in the world and see the status of their hive(s). With machine learning as the backbone of the hives, the Hyper Hyve will become smarter as more data points are gathered, allowing your hive(s) to become more accurate and smarter as the colonies progress, and telling you what actions are necessary to keep the bees healthier and happier.

As a USA based company, Hyper Hyve provides not only hives worldwide, but also its soon to launch app for keeping track of your traditional hives as well as each of your Hyper Hyves.

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