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Nina Bagley lives and breathes beekeeping. She is the energizer bunny of beekeeping! Nina has promoted beekeeping around Ohio in an impressive variety of ways and has educated countless beekeepers in the apiary, through her presentations and hands-on experience.
• Nina established her own small business, Ohio Queen Bee LLC. , Selling queens, and nucs, and making winter hive covers to protect the bees from the harsh winds.
• Nina often gives presentations on how to graft queens and other topics of beekeeping to bee clubs around Ohio.
• Nina worked under a Master Beekeeper as an apprentice for 8 years learning how to graft queens. And then earned her Master Beekeeper Certificate from the University of Montana under Dr. Bromenshank completing the beekeeping program. She completed Dr. Joe Latshaw’s instrumental insemination classes.
• Nina has served on many committees for both COBA and OSBA. For 10 years, she was OSBA’s Ohio State Fair Honey Pavilion Chairperson – a yearlong job. She spent weeks coordinating vendors, information displays, and organizations; rounding up volunteers; communicating with the fair board; and overseeing the 7-day Honey Pavilion exhibit at the fair.
• Nina helped establish and cares for two hives on the Ohio State House property, educating the public about the behavior of honeybees.
• Nina has her beehives in public places such as German Village, Frank Fetch Park, Franklin Park Conservatory, and Columbus Metro Parks. She was the first beekeeper in 2010 to get a pilot program at Frank Fetch Park. In a city park in German Village under Mayor Coleman, the bees are still there.
• Nina is currently the Ohio Department of Agricultures Franklin County Bee Inspector and often has classes on backyard beekeeping and how to make your own queens.
• During bee season Nina appears on Ron Wilson’s radio program, In the Garden with Ron Wilson, talking about honeybees.
• The Childs League garden club gave Children’s hospital $10,000 dollars in Nina’s name for pollinating Green Lawn Cemetery. Nina has been featured in the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper, promoting bees and beekeeping.
• Nina has a passion for the history of beekeeping, especially women beekeepers. She has a collection of many old beekeeping publications and has started writing articles Bees and Women for Bee Culture Magazines.
• Nina is an accomplished photographer sharing her beekeeping adventures and her beautiful photos of honeybees, apiaries, and plants on social media with the public.

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Nina Bagley - Women in Beekeeping's Past (S5, E38)

March 6, 2023

Today we talk with Nina Bagley. Nina lives in Columbus, Ohio, and has a profound interest in the role women have played in beekeeping in this country. She is a county bee inspector, runs about 50 colonies in and around Colum…

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