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Randy Oliver

Beekeeper, Researcher, Writer

Randy Oliver sees beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist, building a small commercial beekeeping enterprise in the foothills of Northern California. His sons now manage around 1500 colonies for migratory pollination, and produce queens, nucs, and honey, freeing Randy to engage full-time in beekeeper-funded research projects.

Randy analyzes and digests the scientific research, and is in touch with beekeepers and researchers from all over the world. This not only broadens his own depth of knowledge, it helps him to figure out best management practices for beekeepers everywhere. Randy then happily shares his observations and learned information through his various articles in bee magazines, his speaking engagements, and on his website.

Feb. 7, 2022

Scientific Beekeeping with Randy Oliver (S4, E34)

On today’s episode, we are joined by Randy Oliver. If you don’t read Randy’s ABJ column and don’t check in on his you’ve been missing some of the most up to date news on breeding mite resistant bees, and the …

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