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Rory Hu

Kid Reporter

Rory is a 7th grader at the Harker Middle School in Silicon Valley, California. She is named to Broadcom MASTERS top 30 for her project titled "The Effects of Pesticides, Caffeine and Tea Polyphenols on the Visual and Olfactory Learning and Memory of the Honey Bee". She was a former TIME for kids kid reporter in 2020 and currently a kid correspondent for Nickelodeon's News show "Nick News". In addition to Science and Journalism, she also loves Math, writing, dancing, piano, coding and more. She has a curious mind that is always open to ideas and eager to learn.

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Broadcom MASTERS® Award Winner - Rory Hu (S5, E22)

Nov. 14, 2022

The Effects of Pesticides, Caffeine & Tea Polyphenols on Honey Bees

Guest: Rory Hu