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Arizona Beekeepers llc is a family-owned beekeeping operation based in Litchfield Park, Arizona. We started our company with three key goals: 1) We want to save and increase bee populations and help manage the threat of African “killer” bees in our dry desert environment; 2) We want to produce the best pure, raw local honey possible; 3) We want to use sensors and other tools to develop effective management techniques to help all kinds of beekeepers who are facing an increasingly harder environment and business.

Starting with two Italian bee nucs and using sensor technology, we can manage our hives and still minimize the disruption of our bees; solving a major problem with absconding African bees. Sensors have become so important to us that we have become the United States distributor for Bee Hive Monitoring, so that we can offer scales and sensors to other beekeepers throughout the United States. Bee sensors are sold through our website

African bees are a real management challenge, and part of our commitment to wild bees was to save urban African bees by requeening them to reduce their defensiveness and making them compatible with urban beekeeping. As we could not make the economics work for this model, we have had to abandon this work. We now buy and sell honey, buy and sell bees, sell bee sensors, and teach beekeeping classes.

One of my interns wants to start breeding queens using artificial insemination because of our African problem. For my Master Beekeeper project, through the University of Montana, we will be inseminating African queens with VSH drones this summer to breed out the defensiveness of the Africans.

At our core, our mission will always be to grow bees and help people become successful beekeepers. That is why we started and that is why I am working on becoming a master beekeeper.

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