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Monica King grew up in Commercial Beekeeping, eldest child of David & Linda Miksa of Miksa Honey Farms. The Miksa family have been beekeeping since 1936 and have been in pollination & honey production, and are now one of the largest queen producers in the United States. Growing up, after school and on weekends, Monica would have "bee" chores such as extracting, cleaning equipment, and caging queens. Now living in Arizona, things are quite different for her. Monica does live removals of the local Africanized Hybrids, relocates them to her apiary, and requeens with known European genetics. She teaches beekeeping classes, mentors, gives talks and seminars on pollinators and is the current Vice President of the Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association and Arizona Director for the Western Apicultural Society. Current member of the Pollinator Stewardship Council, American Beekeeping Federation, American Honey Producers, Arizona Backyard Beekeepers and assisting with creating a new Arizona State Beekeepers Association. In her free time she has a Youtube Channel, Etsy store, and teaches other homesteading & History type classes and DIY workshops.

March 20, 2023

Beekeeping in Arizona (S5, E40)

When you think of Arizona, beekeeping typically does not come to mind. On today's episode, we talk about beekeeping in Arizona with three Arizona beekeepers: Duane Combs, Joc Rawls, and Monica King. Duane has been on the podcast in the …

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