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Mikayla Electra Wilson

Faculty Specalist

Mikayla is a Faculty Specialist at the University of Maryland, vanEngelsdorp Bee Lab. She designs and maintains database, web application, and general IT needs of primary honey bee projects including the Bee Informed Partnership and APHIS National Honey Bee Survey since 2011.

Mikayla has a Master’s degree in Entomology from the University of Tennessee and has worked in University computing roles since 1994. She has been a beekeeper since the late 1990s as well, with a keen interest in applying information technology to agricultural sciences and education. She has worked on numerous USDA projects since 2008 in response to the decline in bee health, first at Tennessee then joining the UMD lab in 2021.

March 28, 2022

Bee Informed Partnership Loss & Management Survey with Geoff Williams…

This week, we invite Geoff Williams and Mikayla Wilson from Bee Informed Partnership to talk with us about their 2022 Loss and Management Survey! It kicks off in April - in just a few days! The was started in 2007 …

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